• No Greater Love

  • Aug 1, 2010
  •   |   1:49:32
  •   |  34,594 plays
  • No Greater Love is an emotional romantic drama about the reuniting of two separated "soul mates" and the obstacles they must overcome in order to be together again.More  
    Jeff and Heather Baker were best friends from childhood, married by age twenty-two, they were inseparable soul mates. After the birth of their son Heather suffers from depression and abandons her husband and infant. Jeff Baker raises his son as a single father. After ten years of Heather’s disappearance, Jeff is ready to propose to his girlfriend Katie when he receives the shock of his life. Heather appears back into their lives in a very unusual encounter. The heart-wrenching drama begins as all involved are forced into an emotional journey with painful choices of forgiveness, reconciliation, and second chances. close